Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleeping darlin' with pillow pet

Cross-country skiing at Bryce Canyon for youth conference!  Way fun and gorgeous scenery~

Birthday Glow

Birthday Dinner with Mom and Dad- Definitely Daddy's Girl :)

One of their many snow sculptures

Ry and I spent our anniversary in Salt Lake and went to the temple where we were married 17 years ago-gorgeous, and it was so fun to relive those sweet memories!  I am so, so lucky!  Love that man

We made it to a Jazz game too - got to see one of our favorite players, Hornacek, up close, so that was a blast

Devon's dislocated elbow

and broken arm!

wild man!

Picnic in February- so fun to get out of the snow for a day, went to Dinosaur Tracks Museum too....the kids preferred the park ;)

and finally our little muscle man

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Cute Family and Friends!

I have had a long absence....Not sure why altogether.  Life has been full of well, just life - my favorite have been the family moments, but sometimes they feel too close to my heart to share, like maybe they won't mean anything to anyone else so I am too chicken to put them "out there"!  Not to mention my blogging/writing previous posts were even boring to me when I read them!! :) 

We are doing great though!  We have had a fun winter and made it through with minor scrapes and bruises!  Devon dislocated his elbow and broke a bone at the same time during wrestling, but I wouldn't have changed a thing.  As his mom, it was soo fun to see him actually totally commit himself to something and throw his whole heart and soul into it!  He worked so hard and was a tough cookie and so brave when he got injured!  I was videotaping the wrestling match and almost threw up when I saw his arm dislocated!  Ugh!!  Ouch!  He will be 16 this month and has his first prom date all planned out.

Dallin got a drum set for Christmas and has loved his drum lessons and keeping us up at night!  Just kidding, I actually love to hear him play!  Thank goodness for basements because it tones the volume down a bit :).  He has a heart of gold and is always so willing to help anyone who needs it (usually me!).

Tori and Tess are loving school choir and getting ready for their piano festival.  They are looking forward to volleyball camps and swimming this summer.  Tess got a back injury sledding a few weeks ago, and they are both enduring strep throat right now, but they keep smiling regardless!

Derek is still our little angel!  I hate to see him grow up so fast, but all of us love our snuggles with him, his sweet smile and laugh, and his energy!  He loves to build with his blocks and to have us read to him.  I am on spring break right now, so it has been a lot of fun to spend more time with him, even though he has been plagued with the nasty strep throat too!

My sweetheart, Ryan, and I celebrated 17 years of marriage this February!  I am so grateful for his patience with my crazy schedule!  He has been there to take me out on dates when I get stressed, has made sure the kids have the house clean when I get home from work in the evenings, and has just been my best friend all along.  I love him to pieces!  Besides that, life for me has been pretty full of classes, exams, homework, a new job, trying to keep up with all the paperwork and deadlines!  I am starting to apply for internships and jobs for the fall and will either be student teaching this summer or fall depending on what positions I find.  I have LOVED being out in the schools a lot more this semester!  I really do love the kids.  I have been substitute teaching most Fridays and tutor at the high school in the evenings.  These have been my all-time favorite jobs and some days most challenging next to being a Mom!  There are so many diverse ways to mess kids up!  Of course that is not my purpose :) but it happens sometimes!  : )
~  Much love sent your way!