Wednesday, December 22, 2010

**Merry Christmas**

It has been a rather tumultuous month, but as I sit here this early morning thinking about the laundry I need to get done, packing that is calling my name, and the eager anticipation I am feeling about heading to Canada for Christmas, I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and say how grateful I am.  For all of you - dear friends old and new, sweet neighbors, and close-to-my-heart family members. 

I love December.  I love everything about Christmas - Christ, the humble Christmas story, the Christmas lights, the electric excitement that my kids infuse into the air, Christmas music, Christmas oranges, Christmas chocolates, and so much more. 

Grandpa Henrie has been here helping with our cabinet shop for the past two weeks, and he has been a Godsend.  He has lightened our load immensely and helped keep the spirit of Joy and Christmas in our home.  Truly we are blessed.

I have witnessed unforgettable kindess and "Santa" deeds that I pray I will be able to pay forward someday.  The beautiful people in Cedar City have become my family, and my heart is full.

Lastly and most importantly, I am so very grateful to my Father in Heaven for my sweet, patient, hardworking, loyal, and gentle husband, and my precious little (ok, not all so little anymore!) kiddos.  They have put up with my flawed mothering for a lot of years!  I have loved receiving their darling homemade Christmas notes and school projects.  Baking with them this holiday season has been a highlight! 

I love each of you sweethearts!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Third Place

Ry, Gramps, and Devon entered a coyote hunting tournament and were gone for a day and a half.  We did a little decorating while they were away...

Dallin wanted to photograph the nest he built for his dove

I bought that sign for Ryan for Christmas last year.  It somehow ended up in the Christmas decorations box, so we thought we'd hang it anyway

Grandpa gave the kids their Christmas money, and Tori has had a blast with her playdough bakery.  She created some stunning baked goods

Caught in the sugar bucket

And........the guys ended up taking


Go Team Henrie! Ryan sweetly gave me his prize money....I think I'll let him go again next year :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving by Pops 2010

 This year
Grandpa Henrie
put together
Thanksgiving breakfast/dinner
pretty much singlehandedly.  It was remarkable and delicious!  That guy is amazing!
Cousin time

Dallin showcasing Grandpa's styling table settings

Gearing up for breakfast

Chandler and his wicked awesome hair

and Devon half awake on flapjack duty

Riv and Dal chillin'

Sweet Makayla and Rayn


Grandpa gets Great Grandpa Christensen's wooden shoe tradition all ready and stuffed with cash

Gramps explaining the three traditions: 
1.  Pine nuts and jerky because his grandfather died when he was 11 and his grandma had nothing to give her children for Christmas except pine nuts and deer jerky (imagine that--we are blessed!!). 
2.  Homemade bread the night before when we all showed up to remember Grandma Henrie and how she used to have hot bread waiting for the kids when they got home from school (it was the best dang bread ever, and Dad baked it all by himself!  Wow!!)
3.  The wooden shoe tradition.  In Denmark Great Grandpa Christensen used to set out his wooden shoe on Christmas Eve, much like our Christmas stockings today, to get treats.  We now (all the parents) donate cash to the shoe and then Grandpa bakes mini muffins and puts a penny with a hole drilled in it (or sometimes an almond) in one muffin.  All the grandchildren take turns picking muffins and the one that gets the penny gets all the cash out of the wooden shoe.  This tradition is to remind of us our heritage.

Sweet Henry wasn't feeling well, so Derek pretty much tortured him all day chasing him around and trying to talk him into playing.

After much suspense and to the dismay of many older cousins and siblings, the owner of the hole-in-one penny and lucky winner of the wooden shoe tradition!

As he put all his money into the zip-loc, he started to sing a little tune, "ALL MY MONEY, ALL MY MONEY, ALL MY MONEY!!"  Hilarious.

Whitney took all the girls into the hair salon (the bathroom) and gave them all some gorgeous up-dos!!  Thanks Whit!

Savannah ticked off that I took her picture!

Down time!

Then Grandpa wipped out eight beautiful pies that he baked all by himself.  They all looked splendid and tasted even better!!

Time to head south....

Mrs. Potato Head

Last week in a lesson I taught, I felt the strange urge to incorporate Mrs. Potato Head into the lesson. I did so despite the skepticism of my husband, who felt it was quite a stretch in the analogy department. Since then, I've been surprised how much fun my OLDER kids have had playing with the darling gal. I thought Derek would be the one who played with it, but nope....Dallin has probably spent the most time with his new love:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Henrie Ranch Photos

While at the baby blessing, some Henries expressed their desire to get copies of the photo of the ranch on our wall that my brother took.  These are for you!  See if these have high enough resolution or if I need to do something different.  I can e-mail them as well.  Thanks you guys!  I love you all!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mountain Man Returns

Sunday morning we had Ryan's cute cousin's baby blessing.  That little guy is so sweet and such a good  baby!  Cam gave him a tender blessing - too cute!  The dinner was here afterwards, and I just have to say that I love the Henrie family.  I have never felt like an in-law/outlaw with them.  From the minute I got engaged to Ryan, they have treated me like one of their own.  It was so fun to get caught up on their lives....

Then it was finally time for Ryan to come home!!!  It was like Christmas Eve...I was counting down the hours and could hardly wait until he walked in the door.  Can I tell you how much I love that man??  We haven't been apart that long in years.  I am so, so incredibly grateful to have him around!  He really is my best darn  friend on the planet.  I am posting some of his pictures from Colorado; can't really tell you the story behind them all, but he could :)

Daddy with a little stubble goin' on

Day one before the snow hit

De Camp

Not a deer, but he was glad he was able to annihilate something :)
Bambi lives on thanks to Grandma Torrie's prayers.....