Sunday, October 31, 2010

Macaroni Bingo

I skipped out on choir practice for some family time.  The original plan was Yahtzee, but we couldn't find any dice - that makes the game pretty tricky.  Therefore, we ended up playing Bingo with macaroni and had Halloween candy for the prize each round.  There is way too much of that stuff around! 

Anyway, I love 'em, that family of mine~

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat

Rewind a few days to Hippy Day earlier this week

our only homegrown pumpkin to survive, and he seemed to prefer the color green over orange....

I forced the boys to sit down for a group shot before they headed out hunting with Ryan
 Then - the fun began.  Cowgirl, wicked witch, frog, and I headed down to the stop sign to meet up with a fairy and another cowgirl and their lovely Mamas.  We trick or treated our brains out.  It was so nice to get in some chatting with some dear friends.  Rather windy evening but we were just so glad the rain that was blasting down this afternoon was all gone.  By the time we got back to our street, Derek was done.  He didn't want to go up to any more doors, and I have to say I just thoroughly enjoyed snuggling that tired little frog in my arms.  I'm so grateful I still have a little one to hold~

He insisted on lining all his candy up and "counting it"

What goes up must come down

Last night Ryan was going to take the boys hunting again.  Unfortunately, Dallin couldn't find his hunting license, actually his wallet for that matter.  After three hours of turning the house upside down and many tears, Ryan called a game warden who agreed to come and give him a duplicate.  The DWR office is closed on Friday, so it was extremely kind of this guy!  The guys missed evening hunting because it was about 9:00 by the time he got the duplicate.  We decided last minute to just all pile in the truck and head over to the ranch.  We started a fire, roasted marshmallows, and ate S'Mores and hot chocolate.  Perfect.  The girls and I deliciously slept in, and I didn't even hear the guys leave at some unearthly hour.  I took Derek and the girls for a late morning hike across the blustery hills and back along the clear creek to pet the horses.  Our old horse, Buckwheat, was there, and he came over eager for some affection.  I love that horse.  We sold him to Ry's uncle, but he still seems to remember who we are.  Then the guys came back after no luck finding a buck and we piled back in and are now back in Cedar. 

It was one of those brief but spontaneous and renewing little family outings.  We'll take 'em when we can get 'em!  

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A breath of fresh air

This past weekend was the deer hunt for the guys, fun time for the girls!  I took three days off work and invited my awesome sis-in-law Holly to come down with her kids to play!  Wow!  I had been craving some girl/sister conversation, and it was just so much dang fun to relax and get caught up with Holly and her adorable kids and mine too!  Holly bought the boys a cool wooden car and helicopter.  It was brain challenging to get them put together but way fun to get them painted!  Derek and Henry were so excited!  The girls carved pumpkins, made flower hair clips, created and performed some hilarious plays for our entertainment, and we all did some wild and free-spirited dancing.  :)

Henry and Holly painting

Savannah's jack-o-lantern masterpiece

And Malia's

Tess and her hand crafted hair flower

pumpkin guts

craft display table

Sunday night we went over to Panguitch to the Ranch House to have mutton and Dutch oven potatoes with the hunting crew.  It was so fun!  I look forward to that dinner every year.  It's refreshing to hear the guys' stories and see cousins and friends that we only see deer hunt weekend.  The Ranch was packed with about 50 people.  Everything was perfect!  Oh, I did take Holly and the kids for an oopsy detour!  There was this incredibly dense fog while we were driving up Cedar Canyon, and I got visiting with Holly and totally missed the turnoff to Panguitch Lake!!  Realized it when we reached the "Welcome to Duck Creek" sign!  Dang!  Another blonde moment!

Pops doing dishes

Uncle Dave getting his hair done by the young females

Dallin's tree creation with the leftover hair clips

A million thank you's to my angel sister, Holly!  She did the most thoughtful, timely, and perfectly charitable thing Monday morning.  While I was typing, she surprised me and slipped out to the grocery store and bought me pans and groceries for at least six freezer meals.   I caught her in the kitchen cooking with the kids.  She is such a blessing to me!  It has made my evenings this week so relaxing to already have dinner ready.  Thank you, thank you, thank you girl!!!
I will never forget it! 


Derek was playing with an orange BB and bouncing it around the house like a ball.  Then he came to me and said he couldn't get it.  I thought he had lost it under the couch or something.  I got another one off the fridge for him to play with (the good Mom that I am).  Then 5 minutes ago he came over to me, held up the first BB, and said, "Look, the BB comed out of my nose!"  NICE!!  So that's where it went?!?!  I s'pose I was just donating him another one to stuff up the other nostril??  Yum!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hallelujah, I passed.  ~Big sigh of relief~  Thanks so much for your comments and prayers girls!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm taking my pharmacy tech exam tomorrow.  It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is.  I don't feel like I've studied for it near as much as I should have or as much as I studied for it the first time I took it probably 14 years ago.  I'm old!!  I shouldn't have to do exams anymore, should I?  My brain does not function like it used to!!  Just pray I pass the dang thing so I can stop stressing about it!!  Please!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Treat!! (Believe it or not) Chewy Energy Bars

Ok, I am tired of letting my work run my life, so I am determined to still do some of the things I love, like baking!  We tried these, and they were so yummy and pretty healthy as far as kids' snacks are concerned.  Try 'em!!

Chewy Energy Bars
2-1/2 c. crisp rice cereal (I used generic Rice Krispies)
2 c. old fashioned oats
1/4 c. toasted wheat germ
1 c. corn syrup (I used 1/2 c. corn syrup and 1/2 c. honey I believe)
1 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. packed brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract

In a large bowl, combine the cereal, oats, and wheat germ.  In a small saucepan, combine the corn syrup, peanut butter, and brown sugar.  Cook over medium heat until PB is melted, stirring occasionally.  Remove from the heat.  Stir in vanilla.  Pour over cereal mixture; mix well. 

Transfer to a greased 9 inch square pan (I doubled the recipe and put it in a 9 x 13 pan).  Gently press cereal mixture into pan.  Cool completely.  Cut into bars or roll into balls.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Heaven Sees In You

This morning I was listening to this song, one of my favorites that Mindy Gledhill sings, and I was just thinking about how beautiful each of the women in my life are to me.  Each of you individually and in different ways has touched my life and inspired me.  Thank you dear friends and sisters and moms and daughters and grandmas, those born that way and those I've unofficially adopted, for being there for me time and time again.  Just want you to know I love ya....You are all beautiful in God's eyes too!!

What Heaven Sees In You

Sent to this earth

You were saved through the ages for this day

and time

Child of great worth

Child of promise, daughter of the Divine

Pure and holy in a little, white dress

You were held in a circle and you were


And the Father looked down

And the angels surrounded that place

They knew the truth, all that you could do

And you will, too, if you have eyes to see

What heaven sees in you

Dressed in white once more

Making promises to follow in God’s way

So much lies in store

For the little girl who enters at the gate

Pure and holy in a little, white dress

You were led into the water and you were


Repeat Chorus

Do you understand who you are

Part of the Father lives in you

If you continue on this path

Every promise God has given will come true

Heaven on earth

In the house of God, so much fills your heart

and mind

Woman of great worth

Woman of promise, daughter of the Divine

Pure and holy in a long, white dress

You promise forever and you are blessed

And the Father looks down

And the angels surround that place

They know the truth, all that you can do

And you do, too, ‘cause you have eyes to see

What heaven sees in you

Will you have eyes to see

What heaven sees in you?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Color Green

The kids were having a deep discussion about Halloween costumes tonight, and as Derek's absolutely favorite color is green, the frog was dug up.  I can't believe it fits him!!  We thought it would be way too big.  Tiny bit sad in a way!  He is loving wearing it around and very proud of his block architecture.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Heroes of Today

Tonight Mari, Tori, and I were invited to attend an event called "Wave of Light", a pregnancy and infant loss Remembrance Day celebrated internationally.  At 7 p.m. we all lit a candle.  All over the world, no matter what time zone people were in, candles were lit so that a wave of light would cross the earth to remember and celebrate the precious little ones who have been lost. 

It was such a spiritual evening; it is difficult to blog about.  It was so touching to be able to meet Avery's mom, Candi, for the first time.  She is my hero of today.  I am really having a hard time trying to put into words the things I am feeling.  Most of all I am just so grateful I was able to meet and be in the presence of so many incredible families who have suffered through what I believe is the most crushing challenge I can imagine, losing a child.  Candi and her husband, Skeet, have been "pushed down" more times than I can comprehend, and through reading Candi's blog I have seen her get up time and time again after what seemed like more hardships and losses than any soul could bear.  I love her for exposing her heart and her feelings about everything, but especially her love for her angel daughter.  I love her for being so honest.  If you read her blog, you will know what I mean, and you will love her too. 

A story was read called "The White Roses," and it really puts beautifully into words how I feel about all of them.  They are the best of the best, and I know some day they will be rewarded~
Mari, Candi, Tori, and I

The White Rose

All mothers were gathered together at God’s garden of flowers. The earth’s beautiful budding spirits, who would someday come to earth, were nurtured and tended in the garden. A loving Father spoke to the mothers, “See the works of my hands. Someday you will be the mothers of these radiant spirits.” The garden glowed with the mixture of all kinds and colors. “Choose ye.” He said.

Now in the east corner of the garden, pure White Roses stood as sentinels. They were not as colorful as the rest, but they glowed with a kind of purity, which set them apart. One by one the mothers stepped forward. “I want the blue eyed, curly haired one, who will grow to maturity and be a mother in Zion.” Yet another chose a brown eyed, brown haired boy, full of life and love, who would someday be a prince in a grand country. The garden buzzed with excitement as the others chose their special spirits. Those whom they would soon welcome into the love and warmth of an earthly home.

Once again the loving Father spoke. “But who will take the White Roses? The ones in the east corner of my garden. These will return to me in purity and goodness. They will not stay long in your home, for I must bring them back to my garden. For they belong to me. They will gain bodies as was planned, you will miss them and long for them, but I shall personally care for them.”

“No, not I.” many said in unison. “I couldn’t bear to give one back so soon.” “Nor I.” said others. “We will take those who will remain and grow to maturity and live long lives.” The Father looked out across the multitude of mothers with a longing in his eyes for someone to step forward and speak. Silence.

Then He said, “See the most pure and perfect of the white ones? I have chosen Him. He will go down and be a sacrifice for all mankind. He will be scorned, mocked, and crucified. He is mine own. Will not any one choose like unto Him? A few mothers stepped forward, “Yes, Lord I will” Then another, “Yes, we will Lord” Soon all the pure White Roses were chosen and they rejoiced with their mothers. The Father spoke again, “Oh, blessed are ye who chose the White Roses. For your pain will be a heavy cross to bear. But your joy will be exceeding, beyond anything you can understand at this time.” The White ones embraced their mothers souls with such endearment that each knew she could endure the task. And the greatest of the White ones gathered them as a hen gathers her chicks, and the outpouring of love surrounded each mother and child, consuming them as He prepared them for their task. And each mother who bore the weight of a White Rose felt the overwhelming love of God, as they shouted. “Thy will be done.”

By Myrna Cox


Love is in the air at our house.  A friend of Ry's called and was looking for a home for his cockatiel.  I was not so sure we needed another mouth to feed, but Charlie always stares in the toaster, oven, mirror, you name it, and chirps to his imaginary friend, his reflection.  We decided he might just love a cute little female friend.  Now, he's 3-1/2, and she is 10, what this means as far as romance, I'm not so sure :), but we are actually loving having "Storm" around.  She broke a wing at some point in her life, so she doesn't fly, doesn't bite, and is perfect for the kids to haul around.  Charlie has attitude, bites at most kids, and flies all over....a match made in heaven.

ok, I realize yesterday being grateful for hot chocolate probably sounded pretty shallow, but it was the best I could come up with.  Lame, I know!!  There was actually a great highlight this week.  It was Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday.  I love cooking/baking for family and friends, and I love sharing/celebrating a little bit of my Canadian heritage with my children.  I loved being in the kitchen baking pies.  Ryan cooked a killer turkey, and everything was so delicious.  The company was perfect, as we had our friends, the Bronsons over, our darling little neighbor girl, and a close friend of Devon's.  I meant to take lots of pictures, and of course I forgot.  I did get a couple of pictures of the girls helping me dig up potatoes from the garden for our feast.  We had to dig up every last one of them, and most of them were marble size, but they filled the pot and were delicious anyway! 

Grateful for:  Adoring husband, healthy children, the gospel of Christ, a healthy body, good jobs, warm and safe home/neighborhood, incredible friends, nurturing parents, this beautiful and welcoming city, electricity, modern technology that allows me to keep in touch with so many people so far from here, music~Much more, but for today that will have to do.  Time to get back to typing!  Hugs and love from my office chair to yours!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

hot chocolate

I reviewed President Monson's recent conference gratitude talk this morning, so, today I am grateful for hot chocolate.  Last night it was what kept me sane after an insanely busy day.  A perfect two minutes sipping a delightfully chocolately cup of hot cocoa.  Comfort food extraordinaire.  Not a tad healthy and I could have cared less!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gramps and Grams

This past week we had my parents staying here with us.  Bless their hearts - we felt so loved and spoiled and watched over.  It was Dad's birthday the night they arrived, so we tried to spoil him with a whole wheat carrot cake.  The middle sunk as I had never tried the whole wheat version, but thanks to lots of cream cheese frosting, it wasn't quite so noticeable!  I am so proud of them for serving a mission in Nauvoo!!  It wasn't easy!  They worked LONG hours from sun up until sundown!  I am so grateful for their example to me and to our children.  It really was a heavenly blessing to have them here with us.  I kept Derek home from preschool so he could spend time with and get to know Grandpa and Grandma.  They tended to his every need and want!  Mom also kept every speck of laundry caught up, bottled some of our tomatoes, read with Tori and Tess, cleaned house, you name it!  Dad fixed my kitchen faucet, built new shelves in a closet, helped fix our leaky tub, found a hubcap from the wrecker to go on my van, worked wtih Ryan and fixed the back door of my van that refused to open, and was an adorable all-around grandpa!! 

The poor sweeties probably got footballed out!  I believe they attended five football games in seven days!  It was so fun to hear Mom cheer, I must say.  I haven't attended a sporting event with her since high school.  Let's just say Mom has spirit!!!  You want her on YOUR SIDE!!  Lots of laughs!  She loves her grandkids! 

I do have to mention a quick ode to football.  The first football game I EVER saw was when I went to Ricks College.  I recall my first football date.  It was to a BYU game.  My date had bought these huge inflatable helmets that he insisted we wear so that "the TV cameras would zoom in on us."  I was MOR-TI-FIED!!  My hair due those days meant much more to me than it should have, but I was dying that I had to wear the helmet and haven't care much for the game ever since!  This year football has been a haven for me.  It is somewhere I don't have to think about work, where I can cheer for my two big sons, snuggle my littlest one, and sit side by side with my sweetheart and hold my daughters tight.  One of those unexpected things I am so grateful for. 

I also need to mention how much I loved watching general conference.  I love how it buoys and lifts my spirits and encourages me to do better, love more, try harder.  Elder Holland's talk offered me great comfort.  I loved the story of sacrifice that he shared of his parents while he was on his mission.  It inspired me to not complain and to be grateful for the small sacrifices I am asked to make for our children.  It's late and time for some zzzzzz's, but I've missed blogging, missed watching for those sweet moments in life that I wish were frozen in time.  I'll do better!! 

Thanks again Mom and Dad.  Your time here was treasured!

Love always~