Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life....moving like wildfire

Hey, we're alive!  Go ahead and give yourself a neck-ache trying to look at these upside down pictures!  I have spent the last hour trying to get them loaded and don't want to go back out and try to rotate and reload them.  Sorry!  These are just a few pictures from the last few months.  The kids are healthy and well.  Boys finished wrestling and are now loving rugby.  The girls are playing volleyball and had fun birthdays.  Ryan has filled in as Mr. Mom a whole heck of a lot this year.  He has saved our family in my opinion.  He has done more laundry, task delegation, kid running around, and reading/homework with kids than ever in our married life.  He truly has been my saving grace and allowed me to make it through my first year working out of the home full time.  I love him with all I have.  He is my sweetheart and best friend, and I love having him on my team!  

I am still teaching 7th grade science in St. George.  It is crazy but fun most days.  I love the school, and the staff I work with are incredible.  There is never a dull moment - I teach 150 different kids every day and believe me that means a lot of 13-year-old personalities/hormones to try to figure out!  Oh well, I doubt much science sinks in but hopefully they will remember I tried to make it fun and that I love them!  

Big news of the weekend is that they announced a Cedar City Temple at our LDS general conference yesterday!  I was so excited I started screaming!  We have been waiting for this for years and kept hoping it would come eventually.  Can't wait to see what it is going to look like, where it is going to be built, and what we can do to help!!  So cooooool!!