Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back in School!!

Hi Again,
Sorry I haven't blogged for so long.  I am going to work on getting caught up this weekend before I start back in school Monday!  I talked the kids into letting me take some "first day of school" shots.  Some of the kids enjoyed it more than others!  Hard to believe summer is over.  I have lots of fun pictures to post so stay tuned :). 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Memorial Day with Grandma Henrie

It was the blustery Sunday before Memorial Day, and we made a visit to Grandma's grave.  We all miss her, and it was touching to watch all the kids pay her tribute.  Devon is named after Ryan's Grandpa Konroy Henrie (Konroy is Devon's middle name), and he was excited to get some pictures with Konroy's memorial as well.  I have been richly blessed by the examples in my life from Ryan's family, especially his angel mother.  Love and miss you Mom~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend of R&R at Henrie Family Ranch

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Harmony Mud Run

Before and.....


Ry, Dev, and I invited our cousins, Cam and Jes Henrie to come do the 5k New Harmony Mud Run.  Oh my heck, how hilarious!!  If you haven't done a mud run, don't die without doing one!  It was SOO stinkin fun!!  I wish I had pictures from the middle of the race in the mud swamps!  Don't be impressed about the medals.  We got 3rd out of 5 teams....but seriously so much fun!! 

ifat face

and for your enjoyment.....

Thank you Devon and Dallin.  I needed a laugh!!  Teenage boys have way too much fun with weird apps!! :)

Derek's Birthday

Derek's Bday
Love ya sweet little darlin'
You're growing up way too fast!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

psychotic mother monkey

AAAGH!  That's how the last three days of MayMester felt.   Little to no sleep and much anxiety!  I still wouldn't change a thing.  I loved my professors and got to make some fun new friends.  Now that I survived the group presentations and reports and final papers, I am looking forward to a weekend in Panguitch with my family!.  I start my next term on Tuesday, calculus and "content area literacy" whatever the heck that is!  I'm hoping my calculus class doesn't kill me.  I didn't learn a thing the last time I took calculus.  Should be interesting.  Ryan and my kids have been SOO supportive of me in school.  I love them so dang much.  Hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Snail's Path

So...I started school today.  This is what I saw on the sidewalk this rainy afternoon as I was leaving campus.  It represents how I feel - slow, might get stepped on, but I've got a tough outer shell and I'm on the right track.

I felt alive again is really how I felt.  These past nine months as I've spent four hours basically alone in the pharmacy compounding lab each day, I've painfully realized how much I miss people and need to work with them.  It was SOO renewing and refreshing to be learning again, meeting new people, discussing, and thinking!!!

I am so grateful for Ryan for being willing to let me do this.  I honestly feel like I'm finally headed to where I belong in the working world - education.  It is something I'm passionate about but really haven't done anything about for years.  Why didn't I stick with my original Biology Education major that I declared and got my associate's degree in 18 years ago??  (Holy cow, that dates me!!)  I honestly don't remember the real reason I switched to straight human biology - a major that left me graduating a bachelor's degree with no real job.  I should've done my education classes way back when, but believe me I'm more motivated now than I was back then.  I have such a strong desire to learn about the incredibly different ways that each child learns. 

I'm so excited!!

Cousins 'n baseball

We don't get to see family as often as we'd like, so we soak it in when they come around!  My cousin from Richfield was down for her son's baseball tournament on Saturday- We soaked up the rays, enjoyed some Cafe Rio, and got caught up.  Thanks guys!

Mother's Day 2011

Dev and Dall got up early and made a delish breakfast!  Thanks so much you guys!  Ry got me a dozen peach roses, and my two favorite treats- Swedish Fish and Lindor Truffles - MMMMMM - never had those for breakfast before, you've got to try it!!  I requested a picnic lunch, so since the weather was windy and cold we picnic'd in the basement on some blankets.  Great memories made!

Tess planted these for me with her activity day teacher, too sweet!

I got to accompany my dear friend, Mari, while she sang the song "She" by Cherie Call.  It is such a perfect Mother's Day song.  I always think of my saintly Mom when I hear it.  Here are the lyrics:

"She is not the picture on the magazine

She's the woman just behind you at the checkout stand

She may appear to be common but she mystifies

In all the ways the wisest men and children understand

'Cause she has eyes that sparkle with her love

And she has a smile that's as gentle as a dove

And no woman from a movie or an ad could ever hope to be

As beautiful as she

She is not a highly honored diplomat

Held responsible to lead the world to peace

But what she does is every bit as serious

Amidst the turmoil everywhere that will never cease

'Cause she has hands that wipe the tears away

And she has a voice that makes everything O.K.

And no woman from the papers or T.V. could ever hope to be

As indispensable as she

And it breaks my heart every time I see her wonder

If she means anything in this world that pulls her under

And she doesn't always see the way that Heaven smiles above her

That's the reason I try to always tell her that I love her

'Cause she may not be known for giving millions

To the charities and auctions on the news

But I believe she's given more than anyone

In all the times she's ever had to choose

To give up sleep to rock her children every night

And give her heart to always hold their dreams so tight

And the best that you or I could ever hope to be

Is as wonderful as she

And the best that you or I could ever hope to be

Is as wonderful as she"