Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random March 2010 pictures

Dallin's career fair - He wants to be a fish and game warden!

There's a picture of Devon at his band concert.  Probably his last.  He doesn't want to play drums in high school! 

Ryan has been "hiking" on the treadmill to get ready for his Arizona bear hunt...One night he decided to throw Derek on top of his 40 pound backpack ( he put dumbells in it).  The treadmill started smoking after 5 minutes with all that weight!  I kicked him off and unplugged it and in answer to my prayers it turned back on the next morning!

Then there's Derek waiting for Sunday dinner to happen and Dallin and Tori at their spring piano festival...Very random I know, but hey I'm playing catch up!!!

Tori's birthday

Well, these aren't quite showing up in the right order, but Tori had an eventful birthday. She mostly wanted a guinea pig and saved up her money for it and Ryan and I reluctantly agreed on the purchase and she chose to have a small party. She started the day off by choosing pink pancakes for her breakfast and skilfully wrote her own name out of batter. Her best friend, Sienna, came over for cake and some other neighbor boys dropped in as well. It was a fun Saturday! She said it was her best birthday ever because she finally had a pet of her very own, a "dream come true." The Monday night following, she hollered for Ryan to come into her room, and she said, "something's wrong with my guinea pig." Ryan wants me to say he gave it mouth to mouth and saved the day, but he'll leave that business to Dr. Torrie. Sadly it was dying and couldn't walk or eat. We tried for a couple of hours to feed it water from a syringe and to get it strong enough to walk again but to no avail. Jinger died in Tori's arms. As we were laying it to rest in a cardboard box, through her tears she told me that on the phone Sunday night she had promised Grandma Torrie that she would take a picture of her guinea pig. I asked her if she really wanted me to take a picture of her at that point, but she had made a promise! So, the sad, sad picture is for Grandma! I wouldn't normally take a picture like that! The blonde guinea pig is the one that the pet store gave to Tori to console her over her loss. Its name is Peaches and is thankfully still alive after almost a month! Peaches has dried Tori's tears! Love you all! And Tori, we are so, so, so glad you are part of our family! I love your sweet little love notes and carefully drawn pictures that you leave almost daily for Dad and I, often on my pillow. I admire your determination and strong will. You have a beautiful gift of singing and hearing melodies that I hope you will choose to always bless others' lives with. You have your Grandpa Torrie's clear blue eyes, and I hope that you will stay as close to our Savior as he has. Love and Hugs

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ninos bathroom humor

Oh, how could I not mention this??? Okay, we are in the Phoenix Wal-Mart, and I needed to use the restroom. As I ramble over to them, it catches my eye that the signs for the restrooms have Spanish on them. Hmm, cool, it says ninos. I think this is great, because even though some people don't like having to read two languages on things, I liked learning French words in Canada on products/signs, and I was enjoying learning a new Spanish word. I walk in the bathroom, and there are two little boys by the sinks. They are adorable little Hispanic kiddos, and the littlest one, probably 3 years old, says, "Hi!" I say hi back and head to the stall. While I'm in the stall, I hear a sound that is reminiscent of an adult male sighing. I think in my head, "That was certainly weird, but no, it can't be." As I flush and walk out of the stall, to my utter dismay, there is an adult male standing at a urinal!!! I can't describe the terror and embarrassment that I felt!!!! I ducked my head and RAN OUT!!!! I about died. How did I not see the urinals on the way in???????? Yes, I can understand why you might ask such a question?!?!??! I am still trying to figure that mystery out!! The little boys were just so cute, they were all I saw!! Now, I am going to jokingly put the blame on that little 3-year-old darling!! Why couldn't he have said, "Um, lady, you're in the WRONG BATHROOOM!!!!" Nope, just hi.... :) Ugh, I thought I was way too old for this. I have walked in the men's bathroom before and quickly figured it out. Never ever have I used a toilet in a men's bathroom!!!! Blah!!!

Oh well, I needed a laugh, so laugh with me friends!!!


Oh, I wish I was better at this!!! But once again I am trying to figure out the blogging thing. Ryan and I had a fun getaway this past week. Tuesday night, Ry's cousin, Troy, called and said they were headed to Phoenix, Arizona to watch some spring training major league baseball games and a Jazz game with his two brothers and their spouses, but one of them had to back out because his little 1-year-old was in the hospital with pneumonia. He asked if we'd be willing to hop in and use the hotel room, tickets, help with gas, etc. It was so tempting to go and soak up some sun. I get so impatient for spring this time of the year! Anyway, Dad Henrie, in his usual generous and kind sweetness, agreed to come down and tend the kids so we could go.

I absolutely love being able to go to new places. I love adventure and surprises, and traveling always seems to offer that. There were lots of highlights - 86 degrees when we pulled into the hotel, cool tall cactuses, playing Yahtzee with the ladies while the guys watched the BYU basketball game, sitting on the grass behind the outfield with our "grass seat" tickets, meeting new people, and learning from them about life in Phoenix, going to the Utah Jazz basketball game. You know, it didn't really matter to me that the Jazz lost. There seems to always be an energy when so many people get together - energized about something to look forward to and able to enjoy the same event all together. I loved being able to get to know Cameron and Jessica better too. They are the cutest couple, just married for about a year and a half and so in love and sweet to each other. We had fun mini golfing late that night. Oh, and can't forget Cheesecake Factory!! Yum!! I had the best white chocolate caramel macadamia nut cheesecake, oh my!!! HEAVENLY! It was really fun to spend some quiet time with Ryan too, talking and planning and remembering... I love him so much. It is also great to be home too. I love having a home to come back to. Not much else in this world compares to that feeling of "coming home." Love you all!